Are you ready to sharpen your skills? In this course, Guest Artist Todd DaSilva will teach you how to cut long layers with curtain fringe. From thorough sectioning to cutting and blow-drying techniques, shape building, and refinement cutting, you will walk away with the skills to master this haircut, highlight the facial features of your clients, and enhance the style using key UNITE products. Grab your U Oil, 7SECONDS BlowOut Creme and TEXTURIZA Spray, and get ready to be a cut above the rest.

  • Tools Used

    Cutting Comb
    Sectioning Clips
    Spray Bottle
    Styling Brush (Denman, Vess)

  • Products Used

    7SECONDS Detangler
    U Oil
    7SECONDS BlowOut Creme
    SECOND Day
    EXPANDA Dust


Todd Da Silva

Todd Da Silva is a well-rounded, award-winning hairdresser with 15 years experience as an educator and stylist. During his career, Todd had worked as a lead instructor at Prestige Academy for 8 years, where he applied his mastery of the craft and gift of teaching to train and grow technical and presentation skills for stylists. He also won Hair Brain Video of the Year in 2015 and received silver for North American Trend Vision Awards.