• If I am not a UNITE account how can I watch videos on UNITE tv?

    Yes, you can create a log-in and enter your payment information to purchase a UNITE tv video and/or enjoy the complimentary classes we offer on our platform.

  • Once I purchase a video how long do I have access to that video?

    Once you purchase a video on UNITE tv, it will be added to your account dashboard where you can log-in to watch the video at anytime.

  • Can I watch videos anytime at my own pace?

    Yes! Once you have purchased a video, it will be stored on your dashboard where you can go in and watch at your leisure.

  • How do I login to purchase a video?

    Click the video you want to purchase and it will bring you to a log-in or sign up page, if you never used the platform before. Once you are logged-in, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information or apply your rewards coupon code, if applicable.

  • Is it possible to earn discounts or free access on UNITE tv?

    As a stylist or salon owner, you can earn a discount or free access to UNITE tv by purchasing UNITE products to retail in your salon. You can also enroll in our loyalty program here. Visit Unite Hair Pro

  • Who has access to UNITE tv?

    The platform is set up to offer something for everybody. From in depth educational videos to basic product knowledge, a stylist, salon owner, business consultant or client can take away something from UNITE tv!

  • How often do new videos get added to UNITE tv?

    UNITE tv will be adding new tips & tricks videos, bi-weekly lives, and educational videos on a monthly basis.

  • What is complimentary on UNITE tv?

    UNITE tv offers complimentary Tips & Trick Videos, Backstage Access, Bi-Weekly Live Education and Product Knowledge videos.

  • If I can’t log on to a UNITE tv Live can I watch it later?

    All Lives will be recorded and archived for you to watch on UNITE tv at a later time, but if you attend the live, you will have the ability to ask questions and be interactive with the instructor.

  • Will there be a subscription option for UNITE tv?

    There is not a subscription option at this time.

  • What is the best way to be successful with taking a UNITE tv course?

    We recommend gathering your tools, located on the list to the right of the educational video, and your doll head to follow along with the haircut or style being showcased in the video.

  • How do I contact the instructor?

    If you have any questions for a instructor, please click "contact" located on our task bar and fill out the provided fields. The instructor or UNITE Art team member will contact you within 48 hours to answer your question.

  • On UNITE tv Lives is it interactive?

    Yes! During a UNITE tv Live, there will be a chat box where we will answer as many questions as possible.

  • How often do you add new instructors?

    We will be periodically featuring some of the industry's top talent both domestically and internationally.

  • Do I need specific tools to use during a video/class?

    Each video and class will have a tool list necessary to execute the look if you wish to follow along with the Educators.

  • Are there levels to the videos? i.e. Easy, Intermediate, Hard

    There is no degree of difficulty attached to each video/class. Some videos might require more knowledge or understanding depending on the subject. Each Educator will go in to great detail to explain the process of the execution.

  • Do I need a mannequin head to participate in a video/class/live?

    No, it is not a requirement to have a mannequin head while viewing a video, class and/or live. However, we do recommend having one to follow along with the instructor during the class.